Time and Tide Nantucket

The Wreck of the W.F. Marshall

May 14, 2020 Host: Evan Schwanfelder Season 1 Episode 6
Time and Tide Nantucket
The Wreck of the W.F. Marshall
Show Notes

In this episode we travel back to March of 1877 when the large sailing bark, W.F. Marshall, bound for New Brunswick, Canada from Hampton Roads, Virginia, got caught in gale force winds and fog off the southern coast of Nantucket and ran aground near shore.  The newly constructed Surfside Life Saving Station crew spotted the ship in distress and responded immediately, saving all souls aboard including a large, black Newfoundland dog.

This story is a favorite of families that visit that Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum, and with the museum's opening date uncertain at this time, we thought it would be fitting to share with our listening audience here on the podcast.  Enjoy!


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Music and Narration: Performed, Produced and Edited by Evan Schwanfelder.
Special Thanks to Katie Schwanfelder for all your help and for joining the discussion